Transport Transport Phenomena 2018
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    This course introduces the basic physics and applications fluid dynamics. The class is listed as ``Transport Phenomena'' which would include the transport of mass, heat, and momentum by a fluid. This semester, in order to incorporate more laboratory and hands-on components, the content is more focused on fluid dynamics.

    Meeting times

    The course meets
    M, 10:50-12:30, AC417
    Th, 10:50-12:30, AC417

    Office hours

    After class, until 1:00 for quick questions
    Additional times TBD
    Otherwise by appointment-send me a meeting request


    Alessandra Ferzoco and Brian Storey

    Ninja office hours

    Justin Kunimune. Monday and Wednesday 6:30-8:00 PM


    You will receive a copy of the printed course notes. These will be sold "at cost" for printing and shipping.

    Class format

    Readings, youTube lectures, and short homework problems will be your primary homework activity. Class time will be used for working problems in groups and hands-on experiments.

    Sept 2017.