Transport Transport Phenomena 2016
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  • Transport Phenomena - Fall 2016


    This course introduces the basic physics and applications of the transport of heat, mass, and momentum. Topics in fluid dynamics include kinematics, conservation laws, dynamic similarity, and laminar flow solutions. Topics in heat transfer include conduction, internal and external convection, free convection. Applications include aerodynamics, geophysical flows, manufacturing, and biological systems.

    Meeting times

    The course meets
    Tu, 9-10:40, AC417
    Fri, 9-10:40, AC417


    Brian Storey, Milas Hall 267


    You will receive a copy of my printed course notes. These will be sold "at cost" for printing and shipping.

    Class format

    Readings and youTube lectures will be your primary homework activity. Class time will be used for working problems in groups, quizzes, and hands-on experiments.

    Sept 2016.