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  • Attendance and Responsibility

    Class attendance is mandatory. If you must miss a class for a legitimate reason please inform me early as possible so that we can plan appropriately and provide you with makeup materials.

    Laptop Use

    Student laptops may not be open during class unless specifically requested.

    Grading Policy

    • 60 percent of your grade will be determined by your HW assignments (breakdown described below)
    • 40 percent for your grade will be determined by the quizzes.


    The best tip I have for doing well in the course is keeping up with the weekly assignments. The best way to do poorly is to not do the work.
    • Homework will be graded only on effort and timeliness. We will only check that you are working with the problems, we will not grade whether each problem is correct or not.
    • Homework due dates will be listed on the website though the dates may change in realtime. Any changes will be announced in class and I will not promise to always update such changes on this website.
    • Hand in your homework on the due date. It will be checked and returned to you next class period. This check will only grade on "effort". Did you make an honest effort at the homework? Did you complete everything on time? If yes, then you get full credit.
    • After the due date, solutions will be posted on the website. Within one week of the due date, self-grade your homework using a red pen to make corrections. Write a very brief summary of your own assessment of your work and understanding of the assignment. Include a bullet list summary of each problem (note if you got it correct, made a minor mistake and now understand, did not have time to complete the problem, were completely confused, etc). Also include in your summary an overall assessment of howyou feel you did, what concepts are still confusing, and note about how much time outside of class you spent. It is important that you are honest in your assessment.
    • Your HW notebook may be spot checked throughout the semester. If your assignments and grading are up to date, you will recieve full credit for HW regardless of whether your work was all correct. The grade is based on spending a reasonable amount of effort on the course and keeping everything up to date.
    • All notebooks will be collected at the end of the course for a final evaluation.


    There will be about approximately 5 quizzes throughout the semester. These will be done in class. Each quiz will consist of short problems or qualitative questions. For each quiz you will have 40 minutes to complete your individual work. You will then be assigned to a small group. You will then have 30 minutes to complete a collaborative group quiz (same questions). We will the use the remaining time to go over the answers. You will mark up in red pen your own quiz. You will turn in your individual quiz and the group quiz at the end of class. Your final quiz grade will be 2/3 individual and 1/3 group.

    Collaboration Policy

    You are encouraged to work with others, but please do your own work. Please write the names of people you collaborate with on each of the assignments. It is expected that you could explain everything in your notebook.

    Sept 2016.